2024 Apply Partner - GuidEd

Apply Partner Grant

This year GuidEd will be offering Apply Partner benefits, through a grant, to selected schools at no cost to the schools.  To be considered for the Apply Partner grant please complete the application and submit it no later than January 26th, 2023 to applypartner@guidedfl.org

Our vision at GuidEd is that all families should have access to schools that work for them. To that end, we have built an “Apply Site” for Hillsborough County, where we actively serve families. This site facilitates the school search and application process for families. It offers families a common landing page with application links to school options in their area. This decreases barriers for families, especially for the most resource-constrained families, so they can learn about and access more school options. Schools that partner with GuidEd and participate in the Apply Program are committed to expanding access to their schools.

City-Wide Marketing Campaign

Each Apply Partner school will be included in a city-wide marketing campaign that will be designed and managed by GuidEd. Each school’s name/logo will be included in a variety of marketing activities. Examples of past marketing tactics include radio ads, direct mail, print ads, online advertising, social media, a public relations campaign, and direct text messages to local families. This campaign is supported by live callers who respond to parent calls via phone 5 days per week.

Email Enrollment Campaign

Each Apply Partner school receives one free email campaign per year. This includes a custom email sent to a geographic and grade-level targeted audience based on the school’s desires. Families that have interacted with the email opt-in to being contacted by the school for more detailed application and enrollment follow-up. An interested family lead report with contact information is shared with the school following the completion of the campaign.

“Meet Schools Live” Facebook Feature

GuidEd will host and promote one free Facebook Live spotlight for each Apply Partner. This co-hosted Facebook Live event will include marketing support and an online creative to share on social media channels. You will receive the contact information for any interested parents who view the Facebook Live event, and it will be live on our GuidEd Facebook page to be viewed or promoted at any time throughout the year.

Student Recruitment Events

Apply Partners receives free registration for all school connection events hosted by GuidEd in your city. We will host at least one large school fair event, plus other smaller events throughout the year. Schools that choose to attend the events will get to interact with families and receive family contact information after the event.

Apply Website

The Apply website is designed to showcase partner school information and links to their applications.  Participating schools manage all aspects of their application, lottery, and waitlist. GuidEd designs and manages outreach campaigns to promote the site and participating schools that are listed on the website.

Discounted Calling Campaigns

($1.50 per connected call, discounted from $2.50)

Apply Partners receive a discounted rate for all desired calling campaigns. Calling campaigns reach families who live within a specified geographic region and whose students are entering the grade levels served by the school. GuidEd staff works with the school to design a customized script and all leads are shared with the school.